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Let me give you a million reasons to watch Talk Back and You’re Dead.

In cinemas August 20, 2014.






this wins over other pro-gay commercials because you had no idea he was gay and then you can’t tell which one is his husband

they are showing them as people

not as gays and straights

fuckin love this commercial

can we just talk abotu the fact that the husbands arent even bringing the drinks over theyre just standing there next to the drinks and chatting

fuckin useless husbands

they are showing anyone can be useless. Even gay people

they are saying that it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight. You can still be a useless person

this post got better

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Host: Pwede bang nose to nose para mejo malapit na naman?
James: Ayoko ng nose to nose.
Host: Anong gusto mo?
James: Ang corny kasi. Nose to nose.
Host: Ano dapat?
James: Pwede kiss na lang?

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